Airgun Range

Available Guns:

The Range

A vast choice of weapons and a variety of shooting distances (10, 30 and 50м.) ensure lots of fun for both novice and experienced shooters.

A suitable hobby for all ages.

At the shooting range, every customer receives free training to work with the weapons. Wonderful occasion for teambuilding, birthdays or just fun with family and friends.


The price for 1 corridor with targets placed at 10,30 and 50m for an hour, with a personal weapon is 10lv.

 Weapons  Shots   Price
  Air Pistol 4.5 мм   10   5lv.
  Airsoft Pistol   20   10lv.
  Air riffle 5.5 мм   10   5lv.
  Air Rifle (semi-auto) 5.5 мм   12   10lv.
  Airsoft Rifle   30   10lv.
  Air Rifle 6.35 мм   9   8lv.
  Air Rifle 9 мм   5   10lv.
  Air Rifle 11.43 мм  4   10lv.


Tel: 0878 959 886

Grand Mall етаж -2 (parking)
Varna, Bulgaria

Working Hours:
Wednesday - Friday
16.00 - 18.00

Saturday & Sunday
13.00 - 18.00

Monday & Tuesday